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Kosova Basic Facts
Population: 2.2 milion
Size: 10,887 Km²
Adjacent Countries: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Macedonia.
Geography: Kosova is located in South-Eastern Europe (central Balkan Peninsula), surrounded by high mountains (South-West and West), medium (North and South), and low to the East.
Climate: The climate of Kosova is continental. The average temperatures are around 23-32ŗC in the summer (June to September) dropping around an average of 0ŗC down to -18ŗC.
Life Expectancy: 77 years.
System of Government: The system of government is Parlamentary republic. The Republic of Kosova declared independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008. The unilateral decleration of independance by Kosovar Government is widely accepted by most EU states and USA. Over 70 countries have recognized Kosova as an independent country. The formal recognition from other individual countries and international organizations is pending.
Capital City: Prishtina (Pristina)
Currency: Euro (€)
Regions of Kosova: Dukagjini, Drenica, Fusha e Kosovės (s.v. Kosovo Polje), Mitrovica
Official Language(s): Albanian, Serbian, English
Time Zone: GMT +01:00
Electricity: ~230V
Measuring Units: Metric

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