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Kosovo Dog Shelter
Kosova Anonymous writes "Qendra Kosovare per Strehim dhe Trajnimin e Qeneve Endacak (Kosovo Shelter for Stray Dogs) is the only shelter for dogs and cats in Kosovo. Situated near Prishtina airport, approximately 10 miles near the city centre, the shelter exists to provide a safe, clean and humane refuge for the stray dogs of Kosovo, comfortably housing approximately 100 dogs. Healthy dogs suitable for adoption are vaccinated, treated for internal & external parasites, sterilised, tattooed and made available to home. A registered NGO, the shelter receives no formal funding. The shelter also provides the only pet boarding facilities in Kosovo.
Please see the shelter website for further information www.kosovodogshelter.org "

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New travel book for Kosovo
Kosova Anonymous writes "The first ever English language guide dedicated to Kosovo is now published by the respected Bradt travel guides. More than 19 maps, 150 restaurants, 60 hotels, history, culture, walking tours and bike rides and lots of useful numbers. Written by internationals who have spent more than 4 years in Kosovo.

Copies available within Kosovo from kysmetkosovo[@]yahoo.com or if outside of Kosovo try amazon or www.bradt-travelguides.com. "

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Kosova - Short Geographical Introduction
Kosova Where is Kosova? What is in it for you to visit Kosova? In this article we have tried to answer your questions about its general geographical features of Kosova, starting from its area, population, rivers, lakes, mountains etc.

Note: Sources: Statistics Office of Kosova (SOK)
*Most of the names of cities, rivers, mountains, streets etc. are in Albanian and Serbian version (i.e. Prishtina/Pristina, Peja/Pec, Ferizaj/Urosevac etc.)

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Traveling to Kosova
Kosova Traveling to Kosova often it looks quite complicated because Kosovar Government doesn't have competencies to open an office outside the country for information and guidance for foreigners that plan to travel to Kosova or for other reasons. However, in this article we will explain based on our staff experience.

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How safe is it to travel to Kosova?
Kosova The NATO bombing campaign began in March 1999 when former president of former Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, refused to sign peace accord for the settlement of the conflict in Kosova, and lasted untill June 1999 with Slobodan's capitulation and his agreement to withdraw all Serbian security forces from Kosova.

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Kosova Basic Facts
Population: 2.2 milion
Size: 10,887 Km²
Adjacent Countries: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Macedonia.
Geography: Kosova is located in South-Eastern Europe (central Balkan Peninsula), surrounded by high mountains (South-West and West), medium (North and South), and low to the East.
Climate: The climate of Kosova is continental. The average temperatures are around 23-32ŗC in the summer (June to September) dropping around an average of 0ŗC down to -18ŗC.
Life Expectancy: 77 years.
System of Government: The system of government is Parlamentary republic. The Republic of Kosova declared independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008. The unilateral decleration of independance by Kosovar Government is widely accepted by most EU states and USA. Over 70 countries have recognized Kosova as an independent country. The formal recognition from other individual countries and international organizations is pending.
Capital City: Prishtina (Pristina)
Currency: Euro (€)
Regions of Kosova: Dukagjini, Drenica, Fusha e Kosovės (s.v. Kosovo Polje), Mitrovica
Official Language(s): Albanian, Serbian, English
Time Zone: GMT +01:00
Electricity: ~230V
Measuring Units: Metric

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